EXCLUSIVE | A Training from Megan Gillikin, Founder of The Planner's Vault

The Ultimate Survival Guide

for Wedding Planners

How to Stay Alive & Thrive During The Most Important Engagement Season of Your Career Despite Pandemics, Cancellations, & Reschedules - YIKES!

Learn How to Attract Higher-End Wedding Planning Clientele & Charge the Price You Know You’re Worth DESPITE The Pandemic, Quarantine Craziness, Murder Hornets & Crazy Politicians!

Watch the On-Demand Training Now!

Presented by Megan Gillikin, Founder of The Planner's Vault

On this webinar training, you'll discover the answers every wedding planner needs to know, including:

  • 3 different pivots that you may not have even thought of that can bring in money for you RIGHT NOW.

  • How you can still network and get on preferred vendor lists even during a pandemic.

  • Some easy ways to shift your mindset from fear of failure that's holding you back to FOCUSING ON The SUCCESS YOU Deserve.

  • How Planner’s Vault members and others in the wedding planning community are booking new clients and even raising their prices in 2020.

As a bonus for registering, I’ll even give you 3 of my most effective email templates that will help you follow-up with your inquiries & prospects.

Jaclyn, Timeless Love Events

"She helped me take my new wedding business from 6 weddings to over 20 in just 6 months. She is so amazing, kind and willing to help you succeed in every way possible."

Aneesa, Harmony Weddings

"If you are ready to take your business to the next level, I have no doubt this is for you! You will see fast results in your client experience, your company and your own self.​"

Nicole, Vision Events

"Megan brings insight that you probably haven’t seen even though you’ve been in the industry for 20 years. She brought ideas and thought processes that I didn’t think about. She shares a wealth of knowledge and examples."


Who is Megan Gillikin?

As a 15 year event industry pro and international speaker and educator, Megan has taught wedding business owners from all over the country the exact, actionable steps to grow their businesses profitably — and keep it fun.

Her style: Warm, Approachable, and Dedicated to Your Success. 


Megan keeps it real by delivering direct and actionable content while helping you realize your full potential in your business.


Your business deserves to thrive right now.

I SO wish I had all these amazing resources when I started my business six years ago but I am TOTALLY benefiting from them now even with over 100 weddings under my belt! Thank you for doing this and creating this community!

Nicole Smith

Planner, Vision Events

Megan, you're changing my business and my mindset.  I can't express my gratitude enough!  If I could hug you, I would.  I know this crazy cornonavirus mess could slow us down a little BUT because of you and the Vault, I've decided to take this season to learn and grow instead of becoming stagnant.

Crystal Johnson

Planner, Funkytown Affairs

All the documents and templates and other resources..OMG sooo useful!!  I can't describe how happy I am to have joined.  It's the first time I am happy to have joined an online membership and moreover, it's not just a resource, it's as if you are sitting next to me talking over

a cup of coffee as a good friend!

Alex Wales

Switzerland Based Planner

What Planners Are Saying About The Vault:

The Vault has been a game changer for my business!  I have been a member of several other wedding planner groups (paid and unpaid) and this one is BY FAR the most interactive and provided the most applicable information for my business! BEST investment I have made in business!!

Rayven Crisafulli

Owner, White Magnolia Events

The Planner’s Vault is what every new or existing struggling planner needs! The content is relevant, easily digestible, practical and tangible.
When I look at a price tag for anything related to development, I look at what kind of ROI Is associated with it. This subscription has paid for itself already. The time it would take to develop all the documents released in the first two months, save weeks worth of work! Time is money!

Talia Hair

Owner, Four 26 Events

I 100% recommend Megan!! She

helped me take my new wedding business from 6 weddings to over

20 in just 6 months. She is so

amazing, kind,and willing to help

you succeed in every way


Love Love Love Megan!

Jaclyn Hamilton

Timeless Love Events

Signing up for the Planner's Vault was one of the best educational decision I have made for myself and my team! I have been in the business for 5 years and have a well-established business. Yet, every single week I am learning something new! Between the constant new content, the webinars and even our Facebook group discussions, I have seen in just a matter of months how more confident and knowledgeable our whole team is. My favorite feature is our monthly webinars. Megan has brought in some incredible speakers to speak on topics that I have always wanted to learn more about but just haven't dedicated the time to. As the owner of the company, the content has been invaluable to the training of new planners on our team. I cannot recommend the Planner's Vault enough!!

Aneesa Glines

Owner, Harmony Weddings & Events


In a quest to take my planning biz to the next level, I have kissed a few frogs ( by paying for coaches, planner communities, you name it). I must be honest, Meagan you are so genuine and i have no regrets signing up for the Vault. The content, community, biz gems, guidance, support in this community far out weighs the investment cost. You are not just a Talker like most coaches out there but a Doer!! The content is relevant, easy to navigate and the ongoing engagement is priceless.


Adeola Damie

Owner, Adeola Damie Celebrations


My advice: DO IT. This isn’t just a community like others that bring vendors together. The amount of materials and expertise that are available in one spot (templates, webinars) for EVERY LEVEL of business, is beyond anything you’ll find!. I get excited to see the FB notifications pop up because I know I’m going to learn something new or gain insight into other planners’ thinking both inside and outside of my market. It makes us all better while still celebrating what makes each company unique.


Jen Shaefer

Owner, Southern Skies

 Being a member of the PV community has not only accelerated my learning but it has me surrounded with both seasoned and eager professionals who know that people still want to hope, and dream and marry. It fills my tank and keeps me sharpening my skills daily.  Beyond the materials, what I love most is the weekly webinars from varied industry experts. Not to mention, I launched my business and COVID hit NYC (where I'm based) less than a week later. If it weren't for the PV community who encourages each other daily, I don't know if I would have felt the confidence to keep going.

Alisha Freeman

Owner, The Productionista

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